version 3.9.0


Version 3.9.0 brings a new option to toggle form submissions via email.


eMail Form Submissions

switch on form submissions via email

Due to user request, we’ve developed a new feature allowing practice admins to toggle email forms submissions on or off.  If turned on, all patient form submissions will be sent directly to a dedicated nhsmail account which you specify for each form.  If turned off, all form submissions will be sent directly to Patient Inbox within your control panel.


  1. Quick and easy to receive online form submissions directly to a shared nhs mail account which your staff at the practice have access to.  
  2. Staff don’t have to login to the Control Panel to access form submissions.
  3. Staff can reply to patients directly from your shared email account.


Turning this on means you’ll lose access to all the great features of Patient Inbox.  Practice staff will no longer be able to;

  1. assign submissions to users
  2. set urgency and status
  3. filter submissions by worklist, my list, parked, waiting for patient and closed
  4. Set action by dates
  5. reply to patient via a secure portal.  Patient will also lose access to Patient Portal to view practice replies and will not be able to respond.

Email submission

Example of formatted submission via email.

email submitted