version 3.6.0

New feature & BUG FIXES

Version 3.6.0 brings two optional services (Algolia & YEXT), page editing tabs, show page in search option, new grid / box layout and styling as well as some minor bug fixes.

New Feature

Algolia Search

AI-powered search that provides results in milliseconds – meaning, patients should be able to see results instantaneously.  Instant results enable your patients to make decisions as they type.  This means there’s no search button as-you-search relies on sending a search with every keystroke.

YEXT Search

Search made for today.  Natural language search built for the age of AI.

Page Editing Tabs

We’ve modified and reorganised how editing a page is displayed.  Instead of all information layed out on one page, we’ve now categorised Content, Meta and Scripts in three different tabs.

page editing tabs

Show Page In Search, or not

We have included the option for you to specify the indexing of pages in your website.  For example, you may create a page which you don’t want seen by patients when they search your site.  This may also be used in-conjunction with the feature “Hide from search engines”.

show in search

New Grid / Box Layout & Styling

We’ve enhanced our GRIDS and provided a new option called Linked Image.  This provides a new layout style which only displays an image which you’ve uploaded.  The below example shows how we’ve uploaded SVG images for specific categories.  SVG images can scale up and down as needed without losing any quality, making it a great choice for responsive web design.

We’ve also added custom classes allowing you to specify hover over colours and text styling for headings.  For example, to center the text of a box heading, you simply enter text-center into the respective CSS class within your GRID or BOX configuration.  Similar for specifying box border colours, you enter, for example border-nhs-green into the Box hover CSS Class.  This provides you with further customisation for your practices unique colour branding.

Bug Fixes

  • SmartForm Signature
  • Refactoring of Themes