version 3.5.0

New feature & enhanced security

Version 3.5.0 brings SMS notifications to all user interactions.

New Feature

SMS Notifications

By default, when you log into your account you will receive an email notification informing you that a new login has been detected under your account. We now provide the option, should you wish to use it, to receive SMS notifications direct to your practice mobile phone.  See example screenshot below.

Login detected

Patient Online Form Submission

The example screenshot below shows the message received after an online form has been submitted by a patient. By enabling SMS notifications, your staff are informed the instant your patient(s) submit an online form and therefore can quickly deal with your patient(s) request.

Patient Interaction

Enhanced Security

In addition to SMS notifications received by staff and patient interaction, you will also receive security SMS notifications for failed login attempts, lockouts, updated password and much more.  No sensitive data is included in any of these SMS notifications.

Want to use this new service?

If you’re interested in using SMS notifications for your practice, please get in touch with support and we’ll help you get started.