version 3.4.0

New feature

Version 3.4.0 brings Digital Signature(s) for SmartForms.

New Feature

SmartForms: Digital Signature

A new element has been added to SmartForms.  You can now select Signature Pad from the list of elements to add a new box to your SmartForms providing patients the option of signing the form before submission.  For example, you could use this new feature in combination with secure document uploads for identificaton purposes within your New Patient Registration Form / Health Questionnaire (GMS1).

Digital Signature

Here's how it looks when a patient signs the form.

digital signature for patients

Here's how it looks within Patient Inbox once submitted.

In the above example, we’ve also demonstrated this signature being used in combination with Document Uploads. This particular example shows that Mickey Mouse has uploaded their passport identification and signed the form.