version 3.3.0

New features and enhancement

Version 3.3.0 is a minor update that brings some exciting new features to SmartForms and an enhancement to Patient Inbox.

New Features

SmartForms: Default Options

You asked, we listened!  We’ve added the option to specify default options for checkboxes, radio buttons and selects (dropdown menus).  So for example, if you create a checkbox group, you can specify which boxes should be ticked by default. 

The example below shows Checkbox 1 and Checkbox 4 selected by default.

default check boxes

The example below shows that Single Select 3 is selected by default.

default single select


Patient Inbox: Export as PDF (label change)

export change

We’ve renamed Comments to Communication. Previously it was called Submissions and Comments. This now displays as Submissions & Communications for greater consistency.