version 3.2.0

New features and enhancement

Version 3.2.0 is a minor update that brings some exciting new features to SmartForms and Digital Triage (Patient Request Inbox).

New Features

SmartForms: New Single & Multi Document / Image Upload elements

Need your patients to upload their Identification for New Patient Registrations?  All this and much more is now possible with version 3.2.0.

new elements

We’ve further developed SmartForms and added two new elements which you can add into any form – Single File Upload & Multi File Upload. Single file upload allows your patients to upload just a single document or image.  Multi file upload allows your patients to upload multiple documents and images (up to a maximum of 5 per input) with a maximum size of 5Mb.  Documents uploaded are encrypted in the cloud and only accessible by authorised practice staff.

The image below is an example of how it can be displayed within your SmartForms for patients to use and upload their ID.

multi document upload

SmartForms: Attachments view added to Patient Request Inbox


With the addition of Single and Multi Document / Image uploads, we’ve added a new option within the Patient Request Inbox to quickly identify which submissions have attachments and how many attachments there are.

SmartForms: New YouTube & Vimeo video elements

youtube and vimeo elements

You can now add Videos from YouTube and Vimeo to your SmartForms.  For example, you might have an Asthma Review form which provides a selection of Inhalers. When a patient selects their inhaler, a video will display showing the correct inhaler technique for their particular selection.


Auto ReCompile

Previously when any minor change was made to SmartForms, you would have to recompile all forms for the changes to take effect. This is no longer necessary as we’ve built in a function to automatically recompile all your SmartForms post release.