version 3.1.0

enhancements and bug fixes

Version 3.1.0 is a minor update and includes a number of small enhancements to extend the functionality of SmartForms and Digtial Triage.
It also includes a number of bug fixes.

Enhancement: Form Submissions Export - Added Comments

export comments

When clicked into your Patient Submission within Digital Triage (Patient Request Inbox) you had the option to Export the submission as PDF. This enabled you to save the patients submission as a PDF to your desktop then upload to your patients clinical record.  We have now enhanced this so you can also specify whether it’s just Submission / Comments or Submission & Comments.  Comments are the communications between you and your patients.

Enhancement: Smartforms Customisable Multipage Go Back / Next Page Buttons

We’ve added a little enhancement to give you control over the label of the Go Back and Next Page buttons you see at the bottom of your SmartForms which patients complete and submit to the practice.  You can now rename these to your liking.

Enhancement: SmartForm: Save Form Data When Clicking Go Back Button

With Multipage SmartForms, patients can now click the new Go Back button and the information they entered on the previous page will be saved for them to review and change if necessary.

Enhancement: SmartForm Validation Dialogue For Mandatory Fields

Form Validation

Previously, when patients were completing forms and failed to complete a mandatory field, they were presented with a message that was unintuitive. We have now updated this message to make it clear to your patients they need to complete all mandatory fields in order to progress and submit.

Enhancement: Added Mandatory Dropdown When Adding New Element

We added the functionality when adding elements to specify if it’s mandatory or not. The default is false (non-mandatory).


BUG: SmartForm Multipage Conditional Logic

We discovered an issue with SmartForms that caused multipage conditional logic to stop working.  For example, if you have 4 pages and page 1 has selection of gender. If you create conditional logic on page 3 for a given element to only display if patient selects gender ‘female’ from page 1 then it would display, otherwise it won’t display.  The issue meant conditional logic across pages wasn’t working.  This issue has now been resolved.   

BUG: Captcha Reset on Form Failed Validation

Issue with captcha when form validation fails so that it can be re-selected without waiting for it to auto expire.