version 3.0.1


Version 3.0.1 included a number of small enhancements to improve usability. Some of these enhancements were requested by our customers.

Sticky Go Back and Save

sticky go back and save

A small little touch but very helpful. Now when you create or edit an existing page and scroll down, you will always see the Go Back and Save button on your screen.

Staff GMC / Registration Label

A small enhancement allowing you more control over the name for the current GMC label. This can now be renamed for use with Nurses and Pharmacists.

SmartForm Layout Enhancement

SmartForm Layout New Enhancement

After creating your SmartForm you have to create the Layout to define how it appears on your website. In our first release version 3.0.0 you would see a list of all elements (elements are form fields, for example; Name, Dob, Address etc) even after selecting them. We have updated this so you only see a list of elements which haven’t yet been defined.  This makes sure you don’t double select an element for the same form or miss one out.

SmartForm Visual Mandatory Fields

required fields / more visual

After releasing Version 3.0.0 it become clear that it wasn’t easy to quickly visualise which elements are mandatory fields. Previously you would have to click the GRAY cog button and check each individual element.  We’ve now included the RED ASTERIX within the fieldset group so you can clearly see which elements are mandatory and which are not.

Form Submission - Change to date format

We’ve changed how the date is displayed within the submission the patient sends to the practice. Previously it showed in the format YYYY-MM-DD. It now displays in the format DD-MM-YYYY.