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What's New In Version 3.0.0

Our GP Practice Website has evolved into a primary Care WebSystem, transforming how surgeries engage with patients. Here are just some of the new features we've added:
- Smart Forms and Digital Triage.
- A major control panel facelift
- Security enhancements
- Improved features

New Update Version 3.0

Smart Forms

Build unlimited, dynamic, intelligent forms using conditional logic and arithmetic – for any purpose. Your patients will then be able to engage with your practice digitally by submitting an electronic form securely, and directly, into the system. This is more than a replacement for paper forms or forms submitted by email – this is a patients’ electronic interface with your practice and what’s more, it’s a two-way interface.

The world is your oyster. Build a custom GMS1 registration form, Health Questionnaires, dynamic PHQ-9 & GAD-7 assessments and forms that may help you with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Smart Forms use decision-tree logic so only relevant fields are completed based on user input.

We will share a library of standard forms for your use and for you to change, and in turn you can share yours with partner practices via export or, instantly via Group Central Management for connected partners.

Security Enhancements / GDPR Compliance

We invest heavily in GDPR Compliance and have our own dedicated Data Protection Officer. We address security through continuous enhancement and Version 3.0.0 brings new features:

  • 2 factor authentication for Control Panel access
  • Login Throttling – this prevents brute force attacks by denying a user from attempting to login after a certain number of failed attempts
  • Email notification of security-sensitive activities that have taken place. For example, you’ll receive notification when you log into your account, or someone attempts to log but locks themself out after x number of attempts.
  • Audit Trails – We’ve added large selection of audit trails to check on registered user activity as well as any suspecious activity. You can now check the following; Account suspended, user logged in, failed login attempts, suspended account login attempt, login lockout, login verification lockout, user logged out, page activated, page comments purged, new page created, page deactived, page removed, page updated, password reset requested, password updated, subsequent login lockout and 2fa preference changed.

Digital Triage (Patient Request Inbox)

Digital Triage (Patient Request Inbox)

Smart Form submissions are actioned via the Patient Request Inbox where they are reviewed and actioned or optionally triaged and made for the attention of another account holder.  Once the practice replies to a patient, an email notification is sent to your patient with a secure link to access the response in the new Patient Portal.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal is a secure area that patients access to view your response.  Patient Portal provides an option to reply and stores a history of your communication until the date it’s closed and purged according to your policy.

Enhanced Control Panel

Our control panel has received a major facelift. We’ve modernised the layout, re-wrtten the styling code and made it more intuitive and user-friendly. For years our customers have maintained their own websites and now we have made it easier.

Authoring Enhancements

We’ve enhanced user-level access to provide more flexibility and granularity. You can now define which features users in a group have access to.  

We’ve also completely rewritten how non-publisher requests for new pages work, making it more flexible and intuitive for both the non-publisher and administrator when reviewing publication requests. 

A typical use of this is to grant author’s privileges to nominated members of your Patients Group for their pages, creating ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ versions, leaving your admin with ultimate publishing rights.