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Switch a setting on your website and win a bottle of A’bundadh (or £100 in M&S Vouchers)

We are making some background changes to how some services are delivered to your website. It won’t affect your website, and it will save costs going forward.

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Google Services API

You’ll be aware that your website uses Google API’s services to deliver boundary map and local information services. Google charge for these once a threshold is exceeded, and as a group, our customers are exceeding those limits by a long way. The good news is that it means our websites are becoming increasingly useful to your patients but it also means we are incurring unnecessary costs. We don’t want to have to increase our charges or cut back on services.

This is to advise that we will be shutting down our shared service account on March 31st. The good news is that a simple solution exists to keep things running, as now. An individual surgery that opens an account with Google will be given FREE credit each month for the requests made by patients accessing your maps. The threshold is high and you should never be charged to use their service.

What do I need to do

  • Follow instructions in the two videos beneath to set up accounts and generate api keys for both Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • If you use Newsletter Distributions facility from the Control Panel, we will also help you set up AWS SES https://aws.amazon.com/ses/. This is to protect your reputation from the mass mailing activity of others who might generate a compliant.
  • If you complete this by February 28th , we will enter your name into a hat to win a bottle of Aberlour A’Bundadh* or £100 in M&S vouchers if you prefer.
  • Any surgeries who have not elected to open a Google account by March 31st will be provided with a simple image solution but please be aware that your patients will not be able to use the boundary map and local services.

Step 1

Setup Google Cloud account and generate 2 API keys to use with maps on your website.

Please note - you will need to have a Google account such as Gmail in order to register for this service so if you do not have it yet, please navigate to google.co.uk and sign up before you proceed.

Please follow instructions in the video and enter the required information into the form under the video and submit

Step 2

Set up Amazon Web Services (AWS) SES account to use for distributing newsletter campaigns via your practice website.

Please see Amazon Web Service Pricing

Please follow instructions in the video and enter the required information into the form under the video and submit