Secure Socket Layer Encryption

SSL Encryption

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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a mechanism used to protect, by encryption, any information sent from one website to another.

Naturally SSL is crucial when any form of personal information is being sent over the internet, particularly so within the regulated sectors such as Primary Care. This is precisely why all Tree View Design websites make use of SSL to protect the information submitted via contact and feedback forms. But SSL offers a number of additional benefits for the GP practice website.

Safety and Reassurance for Website Visitors

Today’s internet users are generally well aware of SSL, and are often warned by their banks to look for the padlock icon that appears at the top of their browser when a site is using SSL. Regular users of online shopping websites will also know to check that the website address in their browser starts https rather than just http, before entering their payment details.

The general feeling of safety and reassurance evoked by the sight of the SSL padlock icon and the https in the website address extends outside of online shopping and banking.

Website users are instilled with a sense of trust when visiting a SSL protected website, whether or not they are submitting personal information.

Enhanced Loyalty, a More Professional Appearance & a Google Rankings Boost to Boot

An SSL site will reassure the user that they are actually on the site of your practice rather than a bogus one that has been set up for phishing purposes; something that is commonplace and widely publicised to web users these days.

It is also worth considering that when visitors do not see signs of security on a site, they are more likely to navigate away, or refrain from entering any sort of information.

For a GP surgery, providing patients with a simple way to verify security will boost confidence and assist in ensuring a positive user experience whilst on your website. SSL sites are also considered more professional and act to boost visitor loyalty. What’s more, Google gives a small rankings boost to sites that display an SSL certificate. 

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