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PCN’s and GCM – TVD helps your practice deliver outcomes at scale

Under the new networks contract DES, PCN’s will be responsible for the delivery of seven national service specifications, which include:

  • Structures medications review and optimisation;
  • Enhanced health in care homes;
  • Anticipatory care;
  • Personalised care;
  • Supporting early cancer diagnosis;
  • Cardiovascular disease prevention and diagnosis;
  • Tackling neighbourhood inequalities;

In addition to the service requirements, changes in 2020/21 will include the introduction of the Network Dashboard and the Impact and Investment Fund (IIF) will complement service requirements.

The service specifications will set minimum requirements within the direct enhanced service (DES) and the dashboard will include measures of success to allow PCN’s to benchmark and monitor their delivery of the service specifications.

Although the extra funding is welcomed by all primary care providers, there will also be pressures on practices for delivery of services at scale. TREE VIEW DESIGNS can assist your PRIMARY CARE NETWORK or FEDERATION by simplifying the process of implementing changes at network level and streamline communication between practices within a network. We all accept that communication is crucial in today’s world and if managing one practice website and keeping it up to date in an ever-changing environment such as the NHS can sometimes be a bit daunting, imagine doing the same for 5, 7 or 10 practices simultaneously.

Group Central Management (GCM) is the latest technology built by Tree View Designs to allow multiple connected practice websites to share common content within their PCN / Federation.

  1. Completely free to TVD customers.
  2. Minimum of two practices needed to benefit from the group publishing features.
  3. Centralised management of website content i.e. dispatch new pages, news, alerts, upcoming events, maps, grids and more to multiple sites.
  4. Soft Push – Allows a GCM admin to dispatch content which all receiving practice need to review before publishing on their website.
  5. Hard Push – Allows a GCM admin to dispatch content and is automatically displayed on all connected sites without any user intervention.
  6. Nominated users at each practice receive a GCM email notification to inform them of the new content that’s either available for them to publish or which has already been published by the GCM Admin to their website.

Plus, setup is very straightforward even if you are not already a TVD customer. All we need is a bit of information from your practice and the practices within your group. We will then link all practices together and training on how to use the system is provided free of charge.