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This is our team, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to empower you and your patients.  
We are a passionate group of visionaries, techies, nerds and forward-thinkers who love what we do.

Paul Chapman
01 / 05
Paul Chapman
Managing Director

Paul is our Managing Director and founder leading the company as it builds a platform that empowers primary care. With 20 years experience working as an NHS IT consultant. He is an Award Winner, problem solver and artistic visionary (his words).

“Star Trek fan powered mostly by coffee. I love dogs, especially my cocker spaniel pictured here in the lake district. Enjoy good food, travelling, jogging, playing golf and my favourite book is The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Sebastian Sulinski
02 / 05
Sebastian Sulinski
Technical Director

Sebastian has over 10 years’ experience in the design industry. During this time, he has developed skills across many areas including branding, illustration, UI design, print and web design. He loves to be challenged and to enhance his skillset.

“In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding, gardening, coding, discovering new places via the means of travel.”
Steven Wheeler
03 / 05
Steve Wheeler
Senior Content Editor

Steve is the senior content editor for Tree View Designs, whose day to day role includes working with our customers to create unique and user friendly websites that fulfil their needs, giving tasks he doesn't want to do to the rest of the editing team and causing our Technical Director numerous headaches.

“In my spare time, I'm am avid collector of vinyl much to the chagrin of my long suffering partner. I shout loudly in a punk band and fail spectacularly at parenting my son Thomas.”
Adrian Terry
04 / 05
Adrian Terry
Customer Support

As a curator of an eclectic skill set, Adrian brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.

Brought up on the English Riviera, he started in the Arts and Entertainments Industry before realising that he also had an aptitude for all things technical. This has allowed him to hone his skills in other sectors including those who supply services to the NHS.

“There is a constant buzz here, everyone is driven and focused on producing the best work possible for clients. It is a very rewarding place to work with fantastic clients .”
Andy Mortimer
05 / 05
Andy Mortimer
Content Editor

As Tree View Designs FC's most recent marquee signing, Andy brings enthusiasm (and sometimes knowledge and skill) to the team.
Before that, Andy spent several years working in education, both classroom and outdoor, in America, Switzerland and around Scotland.
Now you can find him in Edinburgh, at a computer, mostly wondering what all the buttons do, occasionally working on beautiful new websites and helping customers on the support desk.

"At the weekends, you'll find me up a hill, or leading an Explorer Scout camp, or playing with my band in a tiny venue to our legions of fan."
Paul Chapman
Sebastian Sulinski
Steven Wheeler
Adrian Terry
Andy Mortimer
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