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Logo Design - why have a logo

Why have a logo?

Price: £495

A logo forms a vital aspect of an organisation’s marketing, and this is as true for GP surgeries as it is for any business in any industry sector.

A logo acts as a key focal point; it can be considered the graphical ‘face’ of a business. Logos serve as an anchor for a brand, providing instant recognition amongst its audience. For a GP surgery, a well-designed logo that represents the values of the practice and conveys just the right information about it will allow patients to immediately identify that this is the institution they know and trust.

Communicate a Sense of Trust & Recognition with a Well-Designed Logo

Whilst there is a great deal of choice when it comes to colour, fonts and visual elements, the Tree View Designs GP surgery logo design team are specialists in conveying a sense of meaning about the practice. Communicating a perception of service and trust and a degree of familiarity for patients through, for example, the use of stylised local landmarks within the logo design is something we have become particularly adept at.

GP Surgery Logo Design: How it Works

With 15 years’ experience working within Primary Care, including liaising with patients, the Tree View Designs team is able to offer a unique level of understanding when it comes to crafting your practice’s most important branding asset. We undertake in-depth research and take time to truly comprehend what is important to the practice and its patients, before presenting you with a selection of draft designs for consideration.

A professionally designed logo will allow your practice to effectively communicate your identity and values to your patients without having to say anything. People associate with and recollect graphics much more readily than words, so why not take the important step of creating a unique practice logo today?

GP Surgery Logo Design

Up to 5 draft designs for review plus final artwork for your chosen design.

Once the logo has been agreed, the artwork will be refined and finalised. A kit of logos will then be created allowing you to use your new brand identity across web and print. Full copyright ownership of the final logo design will also be transferred so you can use your new logo as you wish without worry.

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