Group Xtra

Custom Site built for Groups

Price: £3,750*

All the features of Group Lite + a built in Extranet for secure staff dashboard.  

Build multi-level group access for your PCN so staff can only access the information you’ve given them permission to view.  Upload policies and protocols and define revision dates – you’ll automatically be reminded when to review.

Dashboard Img
Secure Staff Dashboard

Users within your PCN can access a secure dashboard behind authentication to view policies, procedures, minutes, IT support documents and much more.

Group Access
Multi-Level Group Access

Admins can build groups and specify permissions for those groups. For example you may have 5 practices within your PCN. An admin might create 5 groups and specify permissions so that only the users of a practice can access information related to their practice.

Document Manager Img
Custom Document Manager

Staff can upload documents and associate them with categories that can be embedded into any page – accessible with or without authentication.

NEW - Document Revision Dates

Upload your documents and specify revision dates. Users will automatically be emailed a warning when the document needs revising. Essential to remain compliant with policies, protocols and procedures.

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