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GCM Technology

Group Central Management is the latest technology built by Tree View Designs to allow multiple connected practice websites to share common content within their PCN / Federation.

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What's GCM?

We are the first company to build this technology which allows us to connect together any site within your PCN or Federation. Connecting sites together allows central administration. Groups can now assign a GCM Admin to update multiple surgery websites instantaneously with just a few clicks.  Gone are the days of group admins having to update each site independently.

Will it help my PCN / Federation?

Once all your websites within your PCN / Federation have been connected, we assign a GCM Admin within your group and provide full training. Once trained, the GCM admin will be able to deploy News, Alerts, Events, Pages, Maps, Grids and much more to either ALL sites or selected sites. For example. Your site may be connected to a federation with 20 or more sites but the GCM admin only needs to deploy the update to one PCN consisting of 4 sites.

How does it help my practice?

Practice Managers and practice staff are very busy people and many practices don’t have the time to update their own website. When a GCM admin has been assigned and trained within your PCN / Federation, the practice no longer has to update many aspects of their site as it can all be centrally managed. For example, your PCN or Federation may create or update a Self Help and Wellbeing Centre for Social Prescribing and deploy this update to your site without any user intervention. Contractual requirements and the need to update mandatory information is a monotonous task but GCM connected sites with an assigned GCM admin can do all this centrally. Job done.

This technology must be expensive?

GCM Technology is completely FREE to all TVD customers.  We do not charge extra for something which everyone should benefit from.

See our latest GCM Campaign

This campaign is being sent to practices across the country, you may have received it in the post. We’re very excited about our new technology and we want to share it with the world.  The benefits for Practices, PCNS and Federations are too good to miss.

Want to find out more?

If you’re an existing customer or someone looking for a new website and would like to find out more information, please complete the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.