eConsult – The Easy Way to Patient Self Managing

If there was a way to deliver improved access for your patients to services that could help them with their symptoms; a way that would boost your practice efficiency...

If there was a way to deliver improved access for your patients to services that could help them with their symptoms; a way that would boost your practice efficiency and allow patients to receive medical advice without having to visit the surgery, would you sign up?

eConsult is a platform that allows NHS registered patients to consult with their own GP or self-check their symptoms by completing a simple online form. It’s a round-the-clock portal where patients can enter their symptoms and receive instant self-help advice 24/7 alongside signposting to NHS 111, pharmacies and other healthcare services. Crucially, the portal also provides access to an online consultation with their practice GP.

The eConsult platform is easily integrated into a GP website. Designed by doctors, it is a powerful way to search for information about any condition, from back pain to mental health conditions.

How does eConsult work?

On choosing the GP consultation option, patients are prompted to complete an online questionnaire asking a series of questions about the condition, which is sent securely to the surgery. The patient is given a deadline by which they will receive a response, which is usually one working day. The response can either provide treatment advice or offer a telephone consultation or a booked appointment.

Signposting to other methods of obtaining help, i.e. through online guides, pharmacist help or NHS 111, is provided throughout the process.

The service is available to any patient registered with the GP surgery who confirms they are not suffering an immediate emergency and who is aged 18 years or over. Paediatric content is also available for parents to consult for their children.

How does eConsult improve GP surgery efficiency?

By providing GP surgeries with as much upfront information as possible about a patient’s condition, the practice is in a better position to provide tailored help with the fastest possible turnaround. In some cases, for example where referrals or fit notes are required, the matter can be directly referred to administrative staff, leaving clinical personnel free to deal with medical queries.

In many cases, patients can obtain help with their symptoms outside of the surgery, either through online resources, their local pharmacy or NHS 111.

Even where an online consultation leads to a telephone or face to face appointment, because the clinician is in full possession of all the facts of the condition via the online consultation, the resulting appointment will be more efficient.

Why is eConsult perfect for today’s patients?

The pure convenience of being able to access trusted, evidence based help for symptoms any time, any place is the ideal scenario for today’s patient. Instead of waiting for the surgery to open, patients can request help online simply by picking up their smartphone or whilst sitting at their desk. There is no more picking up the phone and trying to have personal conversations with the risk of others overhearing, and no more waiting on hold trying to get an appointment.

How to integrate eConsult into your GP surgery website?

eConsult is the online triage and consultation tool that is transforming general practice. To discover how it could be integrated into your GP surgery website, talk to Tree View Designs, the GP website design specialists.