Brand Colours

Website Brand Colours

Price: £395

The personal touch is imperative when it comes to communicating with patients, as is instant recognition for a website visitor that they are in the right place. Familiarity through consistent branding is therefore essential.

If you have wisely invested in a professionally designed logo for your GP practice, then it is vital that it coheres well with other aspects of your visual presentation. A logo that is not in harmony with the colour scheme of a website will only serve to confuse your visitors.

For this reason, the GP surgery web design specialists at Tree View Designs have devised a website colour scheme branding service as a convenient web design add-on.

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How it Works

We’ll take the brand colours of your logo and apply them to key elements of your website such as the main navigation bar, the call-to-action buttons and the social media icons.

The process will give your website a professional, consistent appeal and will assist your visitors in instantly associating it with your practice.

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